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On-Site and Custom Courses for Individual Companies

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Training Centre:
Newark, Notts.

Administration office:
High Park Farm
Swinderby Road
Nr. Newark
Notts NG23 7NZ.

Custom department

Welcome to First Alternative's custom department. Approximately 60% of our training is presented at our customer's sites and we are happy to tailor our material to meet YOUR exact needs as well.
We can provide on-site courses, including free equipment loan, for Solaris 10 and 11,and Enterprise Linux RedHat, CentOS, Oracle Linux and Scientific Linux.
Note: Although our public Solaris courses are retired as of 10/17, we can still provide custom on-site Solaris 10 & 11 courses for a limited time.

As well as having our own fully equipped training centres, we will come to your company to train. And if you have four or more trainees, this will be more cost-effective to you!

Compare our prices to what it would cost to train three or more of your employees at our training centre and you might be surprised to learn that it actually will cost you less if we come right to your doorstep! Oh, we're certain you've already thought of the extra convenience that would be to you as well! Your company just happens to be in Europe? Not a problem; we`ll price that and other around-the-world locations as well.

Our prices start at £600 per day for up to 8 attendees, £800 per day up to 10, and £1000 in excess of 10.
Note that we strongly recommend against having more than 10 on highly technical and intense courses such as systems administration.
Expenses are calculated on a per-course basis and will be added to the daily fees.

Note: These are standard course descriptions. We can use modules from any of our courses to meet your company's needs.

Solaris UNIX, Linux, Samba and Perl

Introduction to Solaris
Solaris Utilities and Shell Programming
Solaris 10 System Admin (Part 1)
Solaris 11 Systems Administration
Solaris 10 System Admin (Part 2)
Solaris 11 Advanced Systems Administration
Solaris 10 Update Workshop
Solaris 10 Network Administration
Oracle VM server for SPARC
Transition to Solaris 11

Introduction to Linux
Linux Utilities and Shell Programming
Enterprise Linux 7 Administration RHCSA Fast Track
Enterprise Linux 7 System Admin RHCSA (Part 1)
Enterprise Linux 7 System Admin RHCSA (Part 2)
Enterprise Linux 7 System Admin RHCE (Part 3)
Enterprise Linux 7 New Features for Administrators
Introduction to UNIX
UNIX Utilities and Shell Programming

Cust ised

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